About Us

“The Halal Ways” is a research project, being carried out under the supervision of qualified religious scholars and talented scientists. This organization has been established with the objective to organize research in the field of Halal.

Our Aim

Our aim is to research new issues in the field of Halal and to bring forward jurisprudential and scientific interpretation in the context of the modern age. We have various working committees

The most important of those are two standing committees:

  1. Shariah Committee
  2. Technical Committee

Muftis and scientists have the opportunity to sit together and discuss issues, owing to the main function of these two committees

Our Research Covers These Area:

  • Halal Food
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Cosmetics and Personal Care
  • Halal Quality Infrastructure (Standardization, Certification, Testing, and Accreditation)
  • Halal Industry Tools
  • Halal Supply Chain
  • Consumer Behaviors in Halal
  • Improvement of Halal Services Quality
  • Islamic Finance
  • Halal Tourism
  • Halal Lifestyle (Textile, Modest Fashion, Family and Youth Behaviors)

But we are not limited to the above-mentioned areas. We are working with a broader spectrum of life.

In order to provide trained manpower to the industry, the institute not only provides vocational training to the professionals, but also prepares the students of colleges, universities, and madressahs for the future.

The organization also conducts halal awareness sessions from time to time to create awareness among the people/consumers.